Then the time came when the risk it took
to remain tight in a bud was
more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~ Anais Nin

Is Alexandra the Coach For You?

We work together to get you from where you are today to where you want to go, whether you:

  • Want to move forward on a particular project or life challenge
  • Desire greater alignment between your values and daily life
  • Need a new perspective on career and life questions
  • Want to balance doing with being—to cultivate parts of yourself that have been ignored in your focus on doing and succeeding
  • Long for more peace, joy, and happiness in your day-to-day life

How Does It Work?

We do exercises to help you clarify:

  • Your values and priorities.  What is most important to you and brings the most meaning and fulfillment to your life?
  • What you want to do.  Based on your priorities, how do you want to spend your time and energy?
  • Who you want to be.  How do you show up and what characteristics do you embody?

Once you’re clear on where you want to go, we:

Develop plans and strategies to
enable you to move forward

Discuss your progress —
Review what has or has not worked and
identify what you’ve learned along the way

Adjust your plans and strategies as needed

The Benefits of Working with Alexandra

  • 100% attention and focus on you.  During a coaching session, all our attention is focused on you, without the distractions of email, texts, other people, etc.  It’s time just for your needs, your concerns, your desires, and your aspirations.
  • Someone objective to talk with. I am wholly on the side of your growth and development. Unlike friends, family, and co-workers, I have no stake in the game or personal conflicts, and no long-conceived notions of who you are, what you do, or what makes sense for you.
  • Support. Change, evolution, and growth can be hard, scary, and lonely—as well as incredible, joyful, and amazing. As your coach, I will accompany you on the whole journey, providing support and resources, seeing and acknowledging you, empathizing and celebrating with you.
  • Accountability. This is a specific type of support: asking you to commit to an action by a set date or for a set amount of time and then following up on the results of your work and what you learned along the way. This is extremely helpful for most people, especially when you are changing habits or trying new approaches.
  • A safe space to experiment. Our coaching relationship provides you a private place to be totally honest, to try new things, and to be silly, scared, bold, excited . . .

What is Co-Active® Coaching?

Co-active® coaching is a type of personal and professional development coaching based on four core principles and a year-long training through which coaches learn specific skills and approaches.  Neuroscience research shows how and why the model is effective.  Some of the work we do together may be new to you and may initially feel uncomfortable, but it is grounded in science and will help you both achieve specific goals and grow as a whole person.

Our work together will enable you to address specific challenges.  First we will get clear on what X—the challenge or goal—actually is, based on your values and life goals.  Once you understand how this particular X serves your desire for happiness, fulfillment, balance, meaning, stability, security—whatever moves you—you can readily devise a plan.  But following through on the plan isn’t always easy, because of internal challenges (like fear and inertia) and external challenges (such as current work and family duties).  Therefore, our coaching sessions typically end with you agreeing to complete certain work by a set date, and most sessions begin with a discussion regarding the “homework” and what you learned from doing it—or not doing it.  Note that the focus is on what happened and what you learned; there is no “detention” or shaming for not completing the agreed-upon tasks.  (However, if a pattern develops, we’ll need to discuss whether you’re ready for coaching.)

Coaching Goals

  • Support your growth and evolution, both personally and professionally
  • Help you become the best version of yourself
  • Further develop your capacity to act
  • Enable you to live in greater alignment with your values and pursue true happiness (joy, fulfillment, peace)
  • Help you understand the success you really want to pursue—success that will align with your highest beliefs, values, and priorities

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