“The secret to winning [is] learning how to put up with losing,” Morgan Housel​

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If you’re feeling run-down or frustrated by what seems like a never-ending series of challenges and (temporary) set-backs, I recommend taking a few minutes to read Morgan Housel’s piece, Surviving the Continuous Chain of Disappointments.  It’s a great reminder that the challenges are not an aberration or a sign that you’re necessarily doing something fundamentally wrong; they are a totally normal part of business—and life.*  I also agree with Mr. Housel that, “The secret to winning [is] learning how to put up with losing.” Most big changes take time to pay off and there will likely be losses along the way; any time you’re doing/learning something new, there are many “failures” and set-backs on the way to becoming skilled.


*Note: There may be some important changes you need to make, but a lack of immediate success and imperfect results do not automatically mean you’re doing anything wrong.  One bad hire doesn’t mean your hiring processes are tragically flawed.  Personnel issues are part and parcel of working with people; they won’t ever entirely disappear.  It takes time to figure out what you’re doing and get momentum. Etc.  So yes, have a critical eye, but don’t be overly-critical or too quick to give up on something new; imperfection, hurdles, and steps backward as well as forward are par for the course.


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Alexandra Marchosky
Alexandra Marchosky
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