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I can’t bear to hear any more news about Clinton, Trump, or the presidential election.  (And there is no need; nothing I hear will change my vote.)  Same for you?  Here are conversations with individuals constructively interacting with the world.  As always, my great thanks to Krista Tippet and the entire “On Being” team.

I culled down this list to just “a select few” episodes.  (There are many more wonderful conversations in the archives.)  But I often listen to episodes more than once, and listen to both the produced show and the unedited conversation.  Doing this, you can go an entire week or two without having to hear any “breaking news” about the election.

The full list is attached.  I’ll also post one recommendation at a time for the next 8 days.

Recommended episodes of “On Being”


Photo courtesy of Zak Suhar via Magdeleine at TheStocks.im


Alexandra Marchosky
Alexandra Marchosky
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