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This billboard is in upper Harlem, New York, USA.  If you’re on a Metro-North train, you see it out the east-facing windows as you travel between the 145th Street Bridge (the blue bridge you cross between the Bronx and Manhattan) and 125th Street station.

With the extra “t” and backwards “e,” I presume the billboard is an advertisement for something, but I don’t care.  Each time I see it, I think “Gratitude” and am reminded to be grateful for all the luck and blessings I have in my life.  Though sometimes I lose sight of this truth, I know that my worst days would still be a dream for much of the world.

At this moment on this cool, rainy Sunday morning, I’m grateful for: my lucky birth (healthy enough, in the United States, to imperfect but loving and generous parents); having a safe, peaceful, quiet home; every drop of rain (we’re still in a drought in New York and Boston); flavorful fresh raspberries; good French roast coffee; and having the entire day free to spend as I like.

What about you; what are three (or more) things you’re grateful for right now?

Alexandra Marchosky
Alexandra Marchosky
I coach individuals and organizations to do and be better by more fully living their values.
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