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The soul would much rather fail at its own life than
succeed at someone else’s.

~ David Whyte

  • As Director of Insights and Inspiration at Framework LLC, Alexandra truly lived up to her job title. Her insatiable curiosity, deep-seated desire to collect ideas and inputs, and her innate sensitivity to the needs of others around her allowed her to serve as a fount of useful, relevant, and personalized information. Whether the topic was related to current trends in global sustainability or how to fully align one’s true self with workplace expectations, Alexandra was always ready with a book, TED talk, video, podcast, or article that offered clarity and insight into the situation.

    Aleksandra Dobkowski-JoyPresident and Chief Operating Officer at Framework LLC
  • I consider myself a thoughtful and self-aware person. I was amazed to find through coaching with Alexandra that I was in need of a breakthrough from unhelpful repetitive thought patterns, in need of a new perspective or many (!) to realize the actual options before me and how I might move forward towards my most fulfilling life. Alexandra's insightful questions have an amazing way of simultaneously guiding me toward broadened perspectives while helping me to hone in on what I truly want in life from a holistic perspective. Alexandra is intelligent and witty; I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with her.

    AmberEntrepreneur, Professional Photographer, Yoga Teacher
  • Through working with Alexandra I've developed and put into practice invaluable tools for tuning into positive thoughts and tuning out the negative ones. Our work together has helped me hop off the treadmill of self-sabotaging thoughts and on to an open road full of new perspectives. She lends a deeply compassionate and accepting ear and I have no doubt that she has a vested interest in my self-improvement.


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